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This is just a few notes about this journal.

o1. I'm a fandom whore so chances are, there will be lot's of fandom squeeing over the many fandoms I adore (Harry Potter, DC/DCAU, Queer As Folk, Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Good Omens, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Alias, Star Wars, VampChron, SG:1/A, Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, Supernatural, Dexter, Heroes, Skins etc. the list goes on)

o2. There will be real life stuff here too, as my life can (at times) be wacky as hell.

o3. If you don't like what I'm writing, click the X in the corner. Don't start up about it.

o4. Bad Bad World will probably feature a lot, and that's a written project between justitia and I. You can find it here .

o5. If you want icons or icon resources, please go visit me at whitetomb.

o7. Drop a note here if you want to be friended, as it is friends only. Chances are, I'll friend you back.
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Cinema points
- The cinema was totally packed with real harcore fans. Some people were dressed up, nearly all the seats were filled and eveyone was talking about the books. It was a great atmosphere.
- RDJ looks to be really good in Sherlock Holmes. Not traditional but it looks really fabulous.
- They had a trailer on before it and it said "Solve the Mystery of the Half Blood Prince. I wanted to be like, "Yes, read the book!"
- Time Travelers Wife looks really mawkish, but Eric Bana is damned attractive.

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That's all I have typed up for now, but I really did love it.
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So with all the information I've been collecting, I decided to try and do a Robin page that I can keep so I can always refer to it. I want to put a little opinion page on it, so flist, I'm asking you:

What is Robin to you?
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Attention Role Players

I would appreciate of you would take the poll.

Poll #1383410 base preferences

Where do you prefer to play?

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Oh my god. Oh my god.

Someone is bringing Daredevil into capeandcowl. Someone is bringing Black Mask into capeandcowl. Someone is bringing Simon Tam into capeandcowl. jikeidannin is bringing Adrian Veidt into capeandcowl (good for you, our Watchmen peeps are lovely!) and someone is bringing in DCAU Bruce. Justice League Bruce wins at life.

alkskals; I'm way too excited now.

Pushes the random Mal Reynolds muse away cause oh my god, where did you come from
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Making artz

I don't do stuff from scratch often but I wanted to do a TDK!style Jokerz guy, but I can't decide on the lighting? Image has blood, possibly not safe for work. It's not done yet, but I could use the opinion, considering I've changed my mind three times in the last hour. Also not sure about the blood on the hand :/

One or two?
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It's Comic Relief tonight and all I can think of is "This is prime Joker material", particularly DCAU!style Joker who really has an emphasis on the comedy. Every time I hear the slogan Do Something Funny For Money, I think of the bank scene in TDK.
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Ugh, I thought I'd posted this: Sirius in PoA & GoF

Reposted from my IJ, from about 6 months ago.

So in a mistake that caused me to lose another hour of sleep due to my thoughts on it, I read read throughs of PoA and GoF that I actually want to collect my opinion here. Wow, that took a lot of me. This thing took 2 days to write up and it's pretty long, so I'll warn people of that before they click.

This touches on: drinking and coping mechanisms, lack of knowledge of the Dark Mark, the Crouches, Azkaban and the effect of, Blurred Lines and blurred lines, Sirius' personality, Ron, the effect of growing up a Black, the Secret Keeper debacle, fanon!Sirius, guilt, Sirius' relationship with his friends, Severus Snape and the similarities, wizarding values oin relation to Azkaban and the effect oftelling Harry/Dumbledore/Remus/etc.

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As a wierd random fact for people: in OotP (UK first edition), Sirius dies on page 711 and in PoA, he reveals this to be his vault number. I found this both amusing and strange.

Also this is freaking hysterical. High lights include Sirius having *sparkles*, being grossed out by Severus/Lily and going OMG WHAT about when DH puts the The Incident. Possibly not to be read at work.