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Cinema points
- The cinema was totally packed with real harcore fans. Some people were dressed up, nearly all the seats were filled and eveyone was talking about the books. It was a great atmosphere.
- RDJ looks to be really good in Sherlock Holmes. Not traditional but it looks really fabulous.
- They had a trailer on before it and it said "Solve the Mystery of the Half Blood Prince. I wanted to be like, "Yes, read the book!"
- Time Travelers Wife looks really mawkish, but Eric Bana is damned attractive.

- It was a very GoF style opening, but had gorgeous flashes to the newspapers doing pictures of Dumbledore and Harry. I really felt for him. It felt nicely post OotP.

- The opening was epic. Don't get me wrong, I love Kingsley and missed him but that scene in London with the Death Eaters on the brdige was beautifully done. The part they flit in and out of the clouds and invisibility shows the plausibility of it all.

- The Dark Mark made out of clouds = AWESOME

- Harry reading the Daily Prophet in a cafe, having been riding on trains because he's taken to riding the train.
Waitress: Who's Harry Potter?
Harry: Bit of a tosser, really.
And Dumbledore thought the waitress was attractive and apoligises for dragging Harry away.

- Dumbledore showing up in front of a sign for pink perfume with DIVINE MAGIC was a win.

- There's a great emphasis on Dumbledores hands. It's quite impressive.

- Side apparition is done very impressively. I felt a bit sick too!

- They did Slughorn turning from the arm chair! It was wicked. The way they did that entire sequence was very impressive, particularly Dumbledore waving his wand and setting the house back to normal with a "That was fun. Can I use the loo?" They also kept in knitting patterns, which is a big yay.

- Dumbledore: I suppose you're wondering why I've brought you here.
Harry: Actually, sir, after all these years, I just sort of go with it.

- The blood dripping on the Prophet (on Harry's picture) and then the blood from the ceiling dripping was brilliantly echoed.

- Dumbledore tasting the blood. Dumbles = Benton Fraser and/or possibly the Doctor.

- The referencing of Sirius and Regulus was done word for word, from the book.

- The photograph of Lily, she's still looking too old but the story about her turning a petal of a Lily into a fish that disappeared the day she died.

- Slughorn wanting Merryweathers Office is a big fat win!

- The collecting people is both creepy and very appropriately done.

- Is it just me or has The Burrow gotten fancier? The thing with Ginny was hilarious, especially Molly's "Don't you think I'd know if Harry Potter was in my house?"

- Nice to see Crookshanks back again.

- It was nice that Arthur put his footdown about the kids going back.

- "Dumbledores not old is he?"
"150, give or take."

- Bella and Cissy at Snapes house. Cissy looked ridiculous but sounded spot on. Bella was so perfect. I can't compliment Helena's performance enough. Her enjoyment, enthusiasm and childlike joy is everything I adore about Bella and it's perfect.

- I really liked the actresses portrayal of Narcissa, even if she looked ridiculous. And what was with the meaningful looks at Snape? Are we supposed to ship them? Cause I kind of do now.

- The fact they kiss kind of surprised me. I didn't expect the Blacks to be that affectionate but it's damn creepy, so I'm down with that. Bella is wonderfully manic with it so it works.

- Hermione is turned on by the smell of toothpaste. WIN.

- Ginny has gotten SO. TALL.

- Tonks/Remus. Loved it. They're like an old married couple, with her explaining why he's being such a prissy bitch tonight and taking charge. I wonder if it'll be their wedding we see instead of Bill/Fleur. The "sweetheart" is awesome.

- The heart imagery in this film was actually very well done.

- Harry/Ginny is actually quite nice. I was pleasantly surprised.

- There just isn't enough words for me to say how much In loved HBC in this. Her joy. Her squeals of 'I KILLED SIRIUS BLACK' had me laughing so hard. Her dismissals with Snape were wonderfully manic. That last bit in the Great Hall was just an epic win.

- Ginny with Greyback. He was criminally underused but the whole creepiness factor there was so awesome. So was Remus and Tonks running out.

- The vanishing cabinet was done really, really well.

- There is not enough compliments in the world for Tom Felton. I didn't actually like Draco in the books. I just couldn't visualise the regret, but the way he played it, with the beautiful silences and his running to the bathroom and the end with Dumbledore. Magnificent.

- Arthur being all Remus knowledgable is kind of sweet.

- Bella hissing. That's strange, creepy and oddly wonderful.

- The house going up in flames may not have been canon but I loved it. It was so spot on for what happened.

- "These girls, they're going to kill me." Ilu Ron.

- Won Won! Lavendar was just kind of fantastic. Absolutely dressed and sounding wonderful.

- The Ginny/Harry, Hermion/Ron friendship thingy was done well with the birds, even if it felt slightly out of place.


- Snapes face when Cormac throws up. It's kind of amazing.

- Oh, Slughorn. I never expected to feel badly for him but JB is a perfect actor and the whole thing with Lily and the fish broke my effing heart.

- Aragog being kept was actually really nice.

- Luna. Just...Luna. Her relationship with Harry is still lovely. The fact she sleepwalks. Her lion costume.

- The split lighting on Draco was gorgeous.

- The bitten apple was downright creeptastic.

- Draco gatecrashing was kind of cringeworthy but I actually really felt for the guy. Damn you, TF.

- I really don't like that Draco didn't try to use the cruciatus. It feels like Harry using an unknown spell wasn't validated.

- Sectumsempra was very impressive. As was Katie Bell. Man, was that ever creepy. Hagrid coming along was really cool.

- Lav-Lav's drawing of the heart and Ron then talking about kissing. Are we supposed to not slash those two? My god, it's too easy! Harry trying to look distracted was really well done. And the lips CHAPPED.

- Waiter!Neville. Don't worry, you'll be bamf next year!

- Dumbledore is such a shipper AND a cockblock. Ron is a cockblock with PIE.

- Harry is learning emotional manipulation with Slughorn. Sirius would be so proud.

- I loved the clothes in this. Bella's were gorgeous, the purists were exactly what I imagined, Luna's HEADBAND, the gryffindor jumpers, the lions on the cloaks.

- Hermione and Harry have such a great friendship. I think I love that more than the shipping.

- I really liked the necklace. It was really well designed.

- "Why is it always you three?"
"I've been asking myself that for six years." Ron and McG for epic win.

- The LOOK Snape and McG share is kind of epic win.

- "She's got nice skin." You two are such boys.

- Cormac and his icecream. I LOLed.

- The thing of knowing Ginny had been crying was kind of epic.


- Dean/Ginny snogging thing. RG did such a great job with Ron about this stuff. "That happens to be my sister!" and Hermiones later, "Just don't snog her in front of him."

- "All hands on deck, Granger!" I do like that.

- *snort* Wallenby.

- Cormac was epicly smarmy and well acted. I was impressed that I disliked him that much.

- I'm kind of going for the femslash with Ginny/Hermione. They were both fabulous in this.

- LOL at Ginny taking Harry's book.

- He sleeps with the book. And the Snarries just went WILD.

- Dumbledore asking about Harry/Hermione cracked me up. Especially with his whole young love thing later and Snapes disgusted look.

- "SHUT IT!" ilu Ginny.

- "Do you want me to let him collect me?" Damn creepy but very well acted.

- The kids who portrayed Tim Riddle were stunning. The acting in this film was just unsurpassed on all quarters.

- LOL at ickle Snape being a doodlebug.

- Oh Seamus. It's not you if you don't get set on fire.

- Was thet flubber I saw?

- "About time!" "Shut up." I do like that.

- Borgin and Burkes was in 1863? For some reason, I thought it would be older.

- The Romilda stuff was brilliantly acted, hilariously done and Ron trying to snuggle Slughorn was just brilliant. And Ron's "OH FUCK" face. Brilliant.

- The bit of him collapsing was actually pretty scary and funny at the same time.

- Harry has such an emo after Draco, but I'm glad he shares it. It just cements them.

- Ginny in the room of requirement, oddly sexy. I was very impressed.

- "Did you and Ginny do it then?" Oh this movie is so quotable.

- Harry. STONED. Oh my god, I just died laughing. I could quote the whole scene, it's so brilliantly done. His clapping.

- Fang mourning Aragog is really rather sweet.

- Drunk Hagrid and Slughorn for the epic winnage!

That's all I have typed up for now, but I really did love it.
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