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19 August 2009 @ 11:12 pm

Streets of Gotham

- God, Damian! You've gone from this two dimentional spoiled brat to this three dimentional spoiled brat who obviously is now looking up to Dick as a brother, rather than a father. I think he's seeing him as a mentor and seems to like Alfred being around (as opposed to swearing at him) so it's like, yeah, he's not Tim and he's a little brash for a Robin. He's more of a Jason!Robin and I think he'd probably make a better Whitehat!Talon because I think Robin is what he envisioned as his duty and birthright and I think maybe what he needs is Dick for his individuality and understanding as I'm not sure he could ever function with Bruce!Bat as a Robin. For now, I'm happy with things but I'm waiting on Bruce coming back to pass judgement.

- Lousy chess player. Dude, Damian your puns are coming from Dick and they're lovely to see. Keep rubbing off on him, Dickiebird.

- "Please give me thirty seconds. No weapons." "I said that's ENOUGH." Dick is wonderful. I'm totally fangirling.

- "Cut the crap" Oh Dickie, I love you.

- "Old chum" LOL Elliot. I'm liking you.

- I like the way people are dressing. Dick and Damian look so normal and not out of place.

- "Criminals are a supersitious, cowardly lot." "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard." Oh, I'm really loving the boys relationship.

- The JLA/JSA/Outsiders showing up was EPIC WIN.

- "Don't tell me you're crushing on Katana" He's following in your footsteps, Dickiebird.

- Loving Dick's new car. The red is very him.

Batgirl #1
- dsgjhdsjhgd STEPH. See previous post for reactions there. So pleased.

- Loving the idea of Babs becoming a mentor for all of the girls. Steph needs her guidance. Wendy needs her support. Cass is now finding her own identity without Bruce which I totally support. Misfit as 'a secret' but didn't appear. I'm guessing Babs' bitches is a go.

- Gold and eggplant colour change. Wonderfully transitioned and can't wait for the new costume.

- Mrs Brown wins at life. She's Joyce Summers, basically. Loving her.

- Big LOL at Steph's room. The pictures of her and Steph, her and Tim, Robin and the Robin symbol. Doesn't Tim!Robin look so much like DCAU!Robin?

- Steph, why are your bedcovers purple? Purple would look dumb!

- LOL Post it notes. Hello phoenixverse stuff. Mind you, she was always going to be Batgirl in PV (as I drew ages ago for Steph week) so big yay all over.

- I'm loving Leslie's mothering and the acknowledgement of Babs' issues. It's nice to see Leslie trying to deal with everything. I want Steph and Leslies interaction.

- Steph being at Gotham U is a big yay. And her doodling all the different bats is win. I'm loving Stephs 'Bats Through The Years' thing as she's grown up with Batman and Robin.

- Cass is being more open is a little strange but understandable considering the time that's passed. Loving her and Stephs relationship. The "behind you" and punching was brilliant.

- Dick's comment of "other Batgirl" is fabulous. It's not an instant "GO HOME STEPHANIE" which I love.

- Cass giving her Batgirl. I did so hope for that.

- Babs and her Dad is lovely. Him trying to set her up! Jim saying "little red headed mascot" is adorable and her reaction to Dick's call is a lovely touch.

- "Look out trash, here comes Steph!"

- Loving that Steph is the only one in her class without a laptop.

- Are we supposed to not ship Steph/Detective and Steph/Cass?

- I'm loving the Detective dude. I love the GCPD. "What? I'm new!" "Which one are you again?"

- Steph looking tough for the detective and she really is pulling off sounding like Cass.

- Batsignal Bat in the bathroom mirror! Squee!

- There's a colour coordination in this issue. Lots of purple/eggplant around Steph and lots of green for Babs. Loving it.

- I love the Browns house, especially the chalkboard and I love that Babs is so pissed off and yet, made her waffles (and is taking some herself).

- Loving that Dick recognised her as Steph. Totally thinking he did before she decowled. The idea of a Steph and Dick influenced Damian makes me very happy. If anyone can make him more awesome, they will do it!
a million summers: Batman - Daddy's armsjikeidannin on August 28th, 2009 06:57 am (UTC)
I'm probably the only one in the fanbase that isn't sure that Steph!Batgirl is a good idea. I can't say what I think yet, because I'm not sure? They could do it well or really fuck it up.

Mostly, I've been following Blackest Night really closely and it's been upsetting and aksjhfkhaskfgfshg. Flash: Rebirth is surprisingly very good, though! I wish Teen Titans would go back to before it sucked. :c
Claudie.lipsofpoison on August 28th, 2009 07:50 am (UTC)
The idea of Babs mentoring Steph and Dick pulling faces while Cass makes a new name for herself and kicks everyones asses is kind of perfect for me. I'm like, "Don't fuck it up!"

I've been reading both but I'm loving Bart and Kon together.
a million summersjikeidannin on August 28th, 2009 07:55 am (UTC)
I don't know what Cass is planning to do now. I feel like her and Steph kind of get lost in a lot of ways, you know? Even with Steph having her own book.

Blackest Night is really one of the most upsetting things I've read in comics in a long time. I don't like it at all for that reason. It's not bad writing or storytelling, but it's just really hard to read, for me. I'm dumb like that.

I wish Tim would go and join Bart and Kon and maybe have some level of happiness, but I don't think he's mentally in a place that doing that would really work anyway. I wish he'd get out of that place, but I think it's going to take awhile. :\
Claudie.lipsofpoison on August 28th, 2009 10:07 am (UTC)
They do get lost but having read the guys interview, he sounds like he's going to do a great job with Cass, Babs & Steph taking the major roles in the DCU and with Babs being all "I'm in charge mister" which we all know the rest enjoy.

I don't like zombies, admittedly but I can't say it's upsetting for me...but then again, we haven't seen Dick's parents. I imagine that'll kill me a little.

It's about the journey, I think. I know he either dies or fakedies before Red Robin 5 but is totally fine in Red Robin 5 so idk what'll happen there. I'm hoping he and Dick fighting together will show them having a happy.