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19 August 2009 @ 11:12 pm

Streets of Gotham

- God, Damian! You've gone from this two dimentional spoiled brat to this three dimentional spoiled brat who obviously is now looking up to Dick as a brother, rather than a father. I think he's seeing him as a mentor and seems to like Alfred being around (as opposed to swearing at him) so it's like, yeah, he's not Tim and he's a little brash for a Robin. He's more of a Jason!Robin and I think he'd probably make a better Whitehat!Talon because I think Robin is what he envisioned as his duty and birthright and I think maybe what he needs is Dick for his individuality and understanding as I'm not sure he could ever function with Bruce!Bat as a Robin. For now, I'm happy with things but I'm waiting on Bruce coming back to pass judgement.

- Lousy chess player. Dude, Damian your puns are coming from Dick and they're lovely to see. Keep rubbing off on him, Dickiebird.

- "Please give me thirty seconds. No weapons." "I said that's ENOUGH." Dick is wonderful. I'm totally fangirling.

- "Cut the crap" Oh Dickie, I love you.

- "Old chum" LOL Elliot. I'm liking you.

- I like the way people are dressing. Dick and Damian look so normal and not out of place.

- "Criminals are a supersitious, cowardly lot." "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard." Oh, I'm really loving the boys relationship.

- The JLA/JSA/Outsiders showing up was EPIC WIN.

- "Don't tell me you're crushing on Katana" He's following in your footsteps, Dickiebird.

- Loving Dick's new car. The red is very him.

Batgirl #1
- dsgjhdsjhgd STEPH. See previous post for reactions there. So pleased.

- Loving the idea of Babs becoming a mentor for all of the girls. Steph needs her guidance. Wendy needs her support. Cass is now finding her own identity without Bruce which I totally support. Misfit as 'a secret' but didn't appear. I'm guessing Babs' bitches is a go.

- Gold and eggplant colour change. Wonderfully transitioned and can't wait for the new costume.

- Mrs Brown wins at life. She's Joyce Summers, basically. Loving her.

- Big LOL at Steph's room. The pictures of her and Steph, her and Tim, Robin and the Robin symbol. Doesn't Tim!Robin look so much like DCAU!Robin?

- Steph, why are your bedcovers purple? Purple would look dumb!

- LOL Post it notes. Hello phoenixverse stuff. Mind you, she was always going to be Batgirl in PV (as I drew ages ago for Steph week) so big yay all over.

- I'm loving Leslie's mothering and the acknowledgement of Babs' issues. It's nice to see Leslie trying to deal with everything. I want Steph and Leslies interaction.

- Steph being at Gotham U is a big yay. And her doodling all the different bats is win. I'm loving Stephs 'Bats Through The Years' thing as she's grown up with Batman and Robin.

- Cass is being more open is a little strange but understandable considering the time that's passed. Loving her and Stephs relationship. The "behind you" and punching was brilliant.

- Dick's comment of "other Batgirl" is fabulous. It's not an instant "GO HOME STEPHANIE" which I love.

- Cass giving her Batgirl. I did so hope for that.

- Babs and her Dad is lovely. Him trying to set her up! Jim saying "little red headed mascot" is adorable and her reaction to Dick's call is a lovely touch.

- "Look out trash, here comes Steph!"

- Loving that Steph is the only one in her class without a laptop.

- Are we supposed to not ship Steph/Detective and Steph/Cass?

- I'm loving the Detective dude. I love the GCPD. "What? I'm new!" "Which one are you again?"

- Steph looking tough for the detective and she really is pulling off sounding like Cass.

- Batsignal Bat in the bathroom mirror! Squee!

- There's a colour coordination in this issue. Lots of purple/eggplant around Steph and lots of green for Babs. Loving it.

- I love the Browns house, especially the chalkboard and I love that Babs is so pissed off and yet, made her waffles (and is taking some herself).

- Loving that Dick recognised her as Steph. Totally thinking he did before she decowled. The idea of a Steph and Dick influenced Damian makes me very happy. If anyone can make him more awesome, they will do it!
a million summersjikeidannin on August 28th, 2009 07:55 am (UTC)
I don't know what Cass is planning to do now. I feel like her and Steph kind of get lost in a lot of ways, you know? Even with Steph having her own book.

Blackest Night is really one of the most upsetting things I've read in comics in a long time. I don't like it at all for that reason. It's not bad writing or storytelling, but it's just really hard to read, for me. I'm dumb like that.

I wish Tim would go and join Bart and Kon and maybe have some level of happiness, but I don't think he's mentally in a place that doing that would really work anyway. I wish he'd get out of that place, but I think it's going to take awhile. :\
Claudie.lipsofpoison on August 28th, 2009 10:07 am (UTC)
They do get lost but having read the guys interview, he sounds like he's going to do a great job with Cass, Babs & Steph taking the major roles in the DCU and with Babs being all "I'm in charge mister" which we all know the rest enjoy.

I don't like zombies, admittedly but I can't say it's upsetting for me...but then again, we haven't seen Dick's parents. I imagine that'll kill me a little.

It's about the journey, I think. I know he either dies or fakedies before Red Robin 5 but is totally fine in Red Robin 5 so idk what'll happen there. I'm hoping he and Dick fighting together will show them having a happy.