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Guys. Guys.

If you haven't watched Being Human, please do for the following reasons alone.

THIS is how werewolf transformations should look. Harry Potter films, take note! It's a vampire and a werewolf who buy a house that's haunted so it's a Vampire, Ghost and Werewolf sharing a flat.

Realtor: "We cater for lots of people like you."
Mitchell: "I really doubt that."
Realtor: "No, really. I found these two women a house. I mean, it's very nice and all, but I'm like you, I like dick."
George: "Oh! We-"
Mitchell: "He just can't get enough of it."
George: "I'm not gay!"
Mitchell: "He hasn't told his parents."
George: "I had a girlfriend!"
Mitchell: "Then he realised he couldn't live a lie!"

Mitchell: "Let me carry you over the threashold. Come on, it's a big day."
George: "Don't be ridiculous."
Mitchell: "It would mean a lot to me George."
George: *drops his bags and puts his arms out*
Mitchell: *cracks up*


Re: being a werewolf
"I thought you were gay!"
"That would have been easier to explain."

Mitchell: "So if you could be in Harry Potter, what house would you be in?"
George: "I want to say Gryffindor but don't you have to be brave? What about Ravenclaw?"
Mitchell: "You'd have to be smart!"
George: "There! I'm a Ravenclaw!"
Mitchell: "I can see you as a Ravenclaw."
Annie: "I'd kind of like Hufflepuff. I always get the idea they spend all day playing with safety scissors and glitter."
George:"What about you?"
Mitchell: "I'd stay in the canteen."
Annie: "Does no one ever say Slytherin?"
George: "No, because that's like admitting you're a sociopath!"

Mitchell: "Just so you know, people say it's creepy here."
George: "It will be now! RAWR! HAHAHA!"

SUPER HEARING. SUPER STRENGTH. WEREWOLF LOVE <333 SUPER CREEPY EVIL VAMPIRES BENT ON TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Yeah, baby. This just backs up that England is perfect vampire weather. We never get the sun. It's filmed in Bristol. This amuses me.
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Someone in the street just let their kid scream "Mummy! Please let me in!" while sobbing 25 minutes in the ice cold.

I despise some people. You don't do that to what sounded like an eight year old who after about 15, started to sob about the freezing cold.
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So I watched Enchanted today and I actually enjoyed it, corny though it was.

Amy Adams was stunning as usual and Marsden had me in stitches. The ending was perfect and I'm actually still smiling, it's very feel good.
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What happens when there is a spider that spans the size of a DVD...

lipsofpoison You know what, that freaking spider is back and I have rubbish aim and I managed to hit it and heard a crunch yet it's still right there. I'm officially creeped out.
justitia LOL!
lipsofpoison What's worse it it's right at my door way. And I'm just UGH ing.
justitia Awww
lipsofpoison I'm like "keep walking dude"
lipsofpoison "opposite direction please"
justitia Lol!
lipsofpoison srsly, crunch = gross
justitia LOL!!!
justitia It's funny, for me
lipsofpoison I'm like "I crunched you! How are you not DEAD?!!"
justitia go drop a book on it
lipsofpoison It was a shoe!
lipsofpoison A high heel!
lipsofpoison A wide one!
justitia Drop a book on it.
lipsofpoison It's above my doorway. I can't drop anything on it.
justitia So just squash it!
lipsofpoison I tried! I got ze crunch of DOOOM.
justitia .... you realise that I'm just sitting here giggling, right

I want it to fuck off and die, seriously. I hate huge spiders with huge bodies and eee!!! It attacked me last night and now it's back for vengeance.

.........I'm such a girl.