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I do not have infinite knowledge

But I do have a bowl of mint choc chip icecream and sensodyne total control

13 October 1986
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My name is Krystal, but I've been known as Claudie for about eight years. I live with my insane parents and three four cats. My family is split between Northern Ireland and Southern England. I'm 24 years old. I'm a writer, a roleplayer, a 'digital' artist and student. I'm a bleeding heart liberal and as far as religion goes, I'm not sure what I believe. I'm fandom obsessed and consume a lot of meta, art and fanfic. If I've friended you randomly, it's probably because of those.


When I got around to making myself a livejournal, I was listening to the Alice Cooper song 'Poison' and it sort of stuck. What I write about can vary: I use my insanejournal more these days, but when I do update, it's usually about fannish things, real life moaning or laughing or just occationally, pictures of my cats. I generally don't mind friending people, so if you want to friend, go right ahead. If I've friended you, it's probably because I read your journal anyway and it's easier to keep track of this way or for fandom reasons. The image on the layout is concept art from Revenge of the Sith.


These are the main fandoms, though others may crop up from time to time. I tend to be more into others at any one time, but when I stray, it's rarely for good.

    Alias. Being Human. Big Bang Theory. BtvS & Angel. Charmed. Chuck. Firefly. Good Omens. Gossip Girl. DC Comics & DCAU. Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures & Torchwood. Harry Potter. Merlin. Latter Days. Lip Service. Pushing Daisies. Queer As Folk. Roswell. Skins. Stargate: SG1 & Atlantis. Star Trek. Star Wars. Vampire Chronicles.

alanis morrisette, alias, alison krauss, american dad, american mcgee's alice, anakin/padme, angel, angel/darla, armand/daniel, atlantis, avenue q, azkaban, b&b, bad bad world, bare naked ladies, bart allen, batman, batman beyond, beatties, boys in eyeliner, breaking benjamin, brian/justin, buffy, but-this-could-be-the-demon-that-gets-to-wyatt!, care bears, charmed, chinese food, chips, chris/bianca, claddagh ring, criminal minds, crossdressing, curry sauce, dc, dc comics, dcau, deviantart, dick grayson, dick/tim, doctor who, due south, dumbledore/grindelwald, elizabeth weir, family guy, fanfiction, fanged four, firefly, fonzarellis, fortress of doom, friends, gmail - inbox (1), good omens, harley quinn, harry and the potters, harry potter, hating aunt irma, hating thongs, hogwarts founders, hot water bottles, house of black, icontests, jack/ianto, jason todd, joker, latter days, lestat/louis, lestat/nicolas, like a sturgeon!, lily/james, lindt, lord of the rings, madness, marauders, merlin, midsomer murders, mock the week, my family, mystery novels, neil gaiman, never mind the buzzcocks, new orleans, night island, nightwing, noel fielding, nostalgia, obi-wan/siri, oracle, oscar wilde, owls, paracetamol, pies!, poirot, port rush, post-it notes, potter puffs, potter puppet pals, purple prose, queen, queer as folk, quotations, reading, regulust, remus lupin, return of the joker, return to oz, robins, roswell, roy harper, rpgs, russell brand, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, savage garden, scissor sisters, scooby doo, serenity, sherlock holmes, sirius black, sirius/james, special hell, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stargate: atlantis, stating the obvious, supernatural, suprise buttsex, terry mcginnis, the it crowd, the mighty boosh, the simpsons, the sims 2, the vampire armand, the vampire lestat, the x-files, tim drake, tim/jason, torchwood, torri higginson, unbroken universe, vampire chronicles, viennese truffles, writing, writing fanfiction, wyatt's super sperm, xander/anya, youtube